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Hope all is well. We are looking forward to your stay with us.

Here are some excellent driving instructions to the hotel. May we suggest that you print them out.

If you have a GPS punch in TetZayin Street 1. You will get to the beginning of our street.  Continue on the street about 100 meters to the first parking lot on your left.

Call when you are lost…everyone does! 04 6041101 or my cell 053 621-2506.

Check-in is between 3pm and 7pm.  If you are planning on arriving outside of those hours, please let us know to make sure we can accommodate you.

(100 yards = 100 meters)


1.     Approaching  Zefat on 89, from either direction, exit at the roundabout for Zefat South and the “H” for hospital

2.     In 300 meters there is a roundabout with a Sculpture of 2 people holding a cluster of grapes.

Exit 1st right and up

3.     In 190 meters there is a roundabout.

Exit 1st right going up.

4.     In 900 meters there is a roundabout with a tree. This is an exit to the Hospital. Exit 2nd right going up.

5.     In 1000 meters there is a roundabout with a Palette Sculpture.

Take 2nd right going up.

6.     In 96 meters there is a roundabout with a Blue Piano Sculpture.

Take 1st right and go up

7.     In 200 meters there is a roundabout with a Mall on the left.

Go straight through going up

8.     In 200 meters there is a roundabout with a Well.

Take 2nd exit going up.

9.     In 220 meters there is a roundabout with a tree.

Take 1st right and go up

10.    In 500 meters there is a roundabout with a Harp Sculpture.

Take 2nd exit.

11.    Continue with the road as it curves to the right. It will go down and then up to a roundabout.

The Wolfson Center with its clock tower is in front of you. (Also called the Saraya)

Exit the roundabout onto the road immediately to the left of the Wolfson Center going down a one way street.

12.    This road dips and then curves to the left and ends at a “T” intersection.            

Take a left. (Jerusalem Street)

13.    Go under the tall arched bridge and DO NOT go right!                               

Continue straight down a narrow one way street (Arlozorov street).

14.    Go down the hill slowly and after 20 meters the road opens up with parking on either side.                                                                             

Take a very, very sharp left onto a narrow road (almost 180 degree)

15. Once you are going down the cobblestone road, start looking for parking. On your left is a very wide staircase.                                                       

Walk up the stairs and where the stairs split, we are on your right. There is mosaic art around our dark grey gate.

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